Money Dashboard, knowing where your money goes, helping you make better decisions and enjoy your money more.

Having secured over £2.5million in funding Money Dashboard wanted to take the next step in helping people “be good with money” and engaged xDesign to help design, roadmap, and add velocity to development for their native apps

Only design what you can build

There’s no point creating something that’s 1% better for the user that’s 100x more costly to build. That’s why we involve QA and engineers in our design process and not just at the development stage

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Outsourced like it’s insourced

Money Dashboard has an existing development team for both web and mobile. Our job was to support and educate that team, not replace them! We achieved this through a combination of agile teams, co-located.

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Starting at the beginning

We started by stripping everything back to the beginning – looking at research, users, the existing team and more to create Personas, a centrepiece of user centred design, and create an app feature set that would excite existing users and attract new ones.

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More users for longer

Money Dashboard launched their new features and have climbed to over 100K users who are now all on a path to becoming good with money!

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