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xDesign primed for growth in 2023 with appointment of new COO

xDesign has today announced the appointment of Rik Barker as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO). Barker’s appointment is the latest in a series of strategic hires by the company in the last three months as it aims to build on record growth in 2023.

How to provide purpose when hiring tech talent

In today’s recruitment market, providing purpose is key to recruiting top tech talent.

Business analysts: The Swiss Army Knives of a project team?

Ask anyone what a Business Analyst does, and we guarantee that you’ll get a variety of different answers. [Trust us, we tried it just a few months ago and that is exactly what happened!].

Is your business addicted to data?

With businesses collecting data on the majority of areas of their operations, is this necessary if the information isn’t helping their decisions?

A Brand is more than just good design

During Emma's time as a digital designer, she has learned that successful brands take more than just outward aesthetic appearances. Designers must take on multiple roles in order to develop an authentic brand - including visionary, educator and campaigner.

Is ChatGPT about to steal my comms career?

What does the introduction of new AI platform ChatGPT mean for those working in communications and content?


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