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Leveraging new technology to present you as an innovative market-leader.

We’re dedicated to offering the perfect solution to your problem and helping you turn it into a new opportunity. We’ll work with you to break new ground and lead your industry into the future.

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What We Do

We’re dedicated to offering the perfect solution to your problem and helping you turn it into a new opportunity. We’ll work with you to break new ground and lead your industry into the future.

Augmented Reality

Blending the real and digital world connects users with content in an entirely new way. Augmented Reality turns your brand into an event to be shared and savoured.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has driven innovation from using accelerometers and gyroscopic data to predict potholes, to enabling bluetooth tracking of pipe inspection gear in oilfields. It bridges the gap between the physical and the digital.


Our Chatbot projects help automate processes in ways that empower customers. They deliver better service for your business and customers and make you more accessible.

Virtual Reality

From a high-end system to mobile enabled cardboard versions, virtual reality creates a world of streamable and immersive 3D content available anywhere at any time.

Machine Based Learning and AI

We’re specialists in bringing big data to small screens and our big data projects have utilised on device and cloud learning solutions to turn petabytes of data into powerful insight.

Voice Tech

Whether on mobile devices or home based digital assistants, voice technology is increasingly empowering businesses and their customers to connect in new and innovative ways.

image for info section Alchemist

In the competitive Drinks and Hospitality market, The Alchemist stands out from the crowd as an elite group of luxury restaurant and cocktail bars, specialising in molecular mixology and delivering a theatrical guest experience in both the preparation and serving of drinks.

Seeking to reach a new audience and encourage more customers to discover what their brand has to offer, The Alchemist were looking for a digital partner that could help them bring their unique drinks experience to life.

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Main Benefits

The purpose of our innovation services is to offer the widest possible number of solutions to your problem.


The businesses that innovate are the ones that stay relevant. We’re pushing the boundaries in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things and Voice technology so we can help shape the future of your business through expert advice and a wealth of experience. Innovation is our second nature.

Breaking Down Barriers

We don’t believe in saying things aren’t possible, we are expert problem solvers and use the bleeding edge of technology as our toolset. We’ll work with you to bring your big idea to reality and make sure that it’s robust, secure, and helps actively shape the future of your business.

Today's New is Tomorrow's Normal

We’ll give you insights into digital trends in your market and can give you advice around how to approach it for your business. We’re staying ahead of the curve to make sure you’re able to adjust to tomorrow’s technology, today. And give your business the leading edge.

Reaching New Customers with New Experiences

Innovation gives you the chance to reach beyond your traditional customers with new technology offering something different from the rest of the crowd. Incorporating AR, VR, IoT or Voice into your next project can help you unlock new markets and new customers, while promoting brand loyalty in your existing customer base.

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