Working together to create mobile and web products that deliver real value

Our services provide what you need, when you need it, at whatever step of the journey you’re on, from individual engineering and design services through to a programme of work that takes you from an idea to a completed digital transformation.

Each of our services is designed to make working with us as seamless and simple as possible.

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Agile Product Delivery

Our agile product delivery teams balance the needs of organisations with the needs of users to define, design and build the right solution.

A team of skilled engineers, talented UX/UI designers and insightful product owners, work collaboratively to deliver the maximum amount of value within your timeframe and budget.

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Discovery and Estimation Workshops

Our discovery and estimation workshops solve problems and maximise opportunities. Our experts in product, engineering and design help your team turn abstract briefs and ideas into solutions.

The outcomes of these sessions shape the project strategy, aligning it with your business objectives provides insight into the cost, production and timeline for completion.

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Embedded Engineering Teams

Sometimes a project requires additional skills, experience, and expertise to keep moving forward. xDesign’s embedded engineering teams supplement your in-house resources and enable you to scale at pace, meet growing demand, fill technical skills gaps, and achieve your roadmap.

Our software engineers will integrate with your in-house team as experts in software development, across mobile and web app technology stacks.

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Digital innovation - AR/VR/IoT

Augmented reality, virtual reality, voice and the Internet of Things are the way forward for the increasing numbers of businesses that are looking to be market-leaders in their field.

Our digital innovators, fuelling digital transformation with some of the UK’s leading companies.

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Mobile App Development

We’re experts in developing mobile apps natively and cross-platform for iOS and Android, to give your customers the best experience regardless of the platform they’re on. Our engineers use: Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, Xamarin and React to help you build and maintain brand loyalty on every platform.

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Product and Technical Consultancy

Our engineers are experts across many web and mobile technology stacks and can provide you with the technical leadership to facilitate and simplify your decision-making to find the best solution for you.

Our consultancy is about empowerment and giving you access to knowledge and advice you can’t get anywhere else.

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UI, UX, Prototyping and User Research

User interfaces and User Experience will define how your users interact with your web or mobile apps and engage with your digital transformation. Our UI and UX experts integrate prototypes and in-depth user research to help build powerful, premium-quality solutions that connect you to your customers faster than ever before.

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Web App Development

Building in modern, open source, technologies such as PHP, NodeJS, React and Microsoft C#, our software engineers and product teams create web apps that deliver powerful, market-leading, digital transformation that increases productivity, makes systems work harder and helps your staff focus on your customers.

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