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Delivering world-class content straight into the hands of consumers with the STV Mobile App

“Working with the team is excellent. They really know what they are doing on mobile and they always deliver. I find it refreshing that xDesign builds solutions for today with one eye on how they will help us remain competitive well into the future.”

The story

STV is Scotland's first choice for news, drama, and entertainment, reaching over 3.5 million viewers monthly and airing some of the UK's most popular television shows. It broadcasts everything from breaking news to blockbusters while providing TV and digital advertising opportunities for brands looking to reach a Scottish audience. The free-to-air channel wanted to expand upon its strong history in desktop web delivery by testing market demand for a mobile-first approach. It needed a development partner with mobile expertise to deliver the STV mobile roadmap and take its content portfolio to new audiences and advertisers.

What we created



By working closely with the company’s product team, we were able to deliver a fully-native Android and iOS on-demand video experience that placed STV’s viewers and advertisers at the fore. Our multidisciplinary development team doubled down on UX by simplifying the app’s frontend and prioritising intuitive navigation. This created a personalised experience for the user while ensuring it could support high volumes of content.



We future-proofed the app to accommodate cutting-edge developments around mobile, laying the groundwork to ensure future competitiveness. We achieved this by tapping into our growing expertise across TV, Media, FinTech, and related industries, providing STV with strategic insights and trade secrets to delight its users, meet its commercial objectives, and broaden mobile opportunities for advertisers.



We upskilled STV’s internal team to independently manage content once the app had launched, ensuring a seamless transition between xDesign and it’s own team. Taking charge of the full delivery process, this pivotal project shaped STV’s future trajectory as a modern media and content provider.



As part of our work we remodeled STV’s mobile product portfolio by implementing a strong architectural foundation which was underpinned by extremely high-quality code. We also supported STV to future-proof its mobile offering by simplifying its ability to scale long into the future. Now in our seventh year of partnership, xDesign remains a trusted specialist ally to the broadcaster and continues to offer valuable tailored support.

Key outcomes

- Created a personalised experience for STV mobile app users. - Provided a futureproof strategy meaning that STV could scale its mobile offering quickly and with ease in the long term.

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