Predicting the success of drilling off-shore oil wells

The Challenge

With decades of experience working extensively in field management and the assessment of drilling opportunities for major players in the oil and gas sector, the team at Python were looking for a digital partner who could turn their Proof of Concept into a product that would determine the viability and commercial sense for additional drilling at pre-established off-shore oil wells.

Aiming to completely transform the Oil and Gas sector, Python asked xDesign to take their bare bones Proof of Concept and turn it into a fully-functioning digital product.

xDesign has enabled me to go from a proof of concept through to a fully production ready application in rapid time, they have taken the time to understand a complex domain, in order to help the application do more.

Ewen RobertsonOwner, Project Python

The Solution

As detailed calculations needed to be generated in the field, and the Python team wanted to move away from just static reporting in the boardroom in favour of the ability to scenario-plan in meetings, we quickly identified that a bespoke mobile app solution was the correct way forward.

We focused on three main areas of challenge – ensuring the input was easy to understand, that calculations worked efficiently on devices, and generating reports that weren’t just data-driven, but also provided key insight.

To achieve this, we built a guided UI that makes it clear to each user how to enter specific parameters that are required in order to make the calculations.

The app takes these inputs and produces Monte Carlo Simulations showing sampling of probability distribution of well performance, reservoirs and commercial parameters.

It also provides Rate Decline Analysis that links well performance and behaviour with integrated commercial analysis, highlighting the commerciality of a field development through FDP Analytics.

This enables multidimensional outcome assessments to be created in situ, providing a huge range of new insight in their decision-making processes as well as exported into traditional reports for presentations.

Going Above and Beyond

Project Python came to us with a solid proof of concept. We were able to apply our multi-industry and cross-disciplinary insight and expertise to the proof of concept to ensure that it aligned with, and met, all of Project Python’s business and safety requirements.

We focused on optimising the code and looking at, and understanding, how it would need to work across Python’s suite of devices with optimum performance at all times.

The Results

We built a digital technology platform that now manages a global asset portfolio and is built to be ported and provide optimum performance across devices. All built on a python-based viability engine.

What would have taken a team days now can be performed in minutes. The evidence for complex finance decisions can be compiled on the fly, in situ, and remodelled in seconds providing faster access to information and better insight from that data.


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