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Vibrant, insightful and thought-provoking: xDesign takes on day two of UX Scotland

Hear from Scott Crookston about his experience at UX Scotland, where he was joined by colleagues Darren Dalrymple, Head of Scotland, and Paul Diamond, Head of Client Partnerships, for a day of all things UX Scotland.

xDesign descended upon UX Scotland for the second day of the event and it’s safe to say, it was fantastic: from the registration and refreshments, right through to the captivating talks and networking opportunities, the atmosphere at this event was stand-out. 

Let's take a closer look at some of the things that made the day so memorable for Darren, Paul and I (pictured below). 

Organisation of the day

It was an early start at Dynamic Earth, and it was evident from the get-go that this event had been carefully thought-out. The space looked great and registration was seamless, enabling participants to swiftly obtain their name badges and begin to mingle (always a great way to start the day, right?!). The agenda was clear and comprehensive, and included plenty of scheduled breaks. Refreshments were waiting for us on arrival, fuelling us up for the action-packed day ahead. 


Throughout the day, there was a warmth to the event, with laughs and a real sense of togetherness as attendees gathered for supportive discussions about shared problems and experiences. It was a refreshing break from the rigours of a typical day’s work and there felt to be a real sense of community. There was also a diverse range of attendees - including aspiring professionals, exhibiting companies and industry figures - setting the stage for a really energetic and collaborative event. The buzz was palpable - and as if that wasn't enough, the croissants were delicious! 


This was a showcasing opportunity and it didn’t disappoint, with immersive displays and captivating exhibits reflecting the very latest trends in user experience. The opportunity to engage with exhibitors sparked some really interesting conversations around the room, I was able to hear some great questions with fascinating answers. 


The talks were vibrant, insightful and deeply through-provoking. Gerry Scullion highlighted the importance of embracing complexity and finding purpose. Rashmi Kakde emphasised the power of persuasive storytelling. Neil Turner reminded us of the value of continuous discovery - and avoiding the trap of blindly chasing targets. Paul Niblock shed light on design systems in large organisations. Finally, Lynsey Brownlow shared practical advice about how UX can positively impact the bottom line when done right. 


A highlight of the day was the opportunity to network. In the room, there was clearly a shared passion for user experience, giving fuel to some great conversation about hot topics in the industry, the future of UX and valuable insights from like-minded professionals.  


Day two at UX Scotland left a lasting impression. The engaging atmosphere, lively interactions, and wealth of knowledge shared by experts in the field left attendees both inspired and motivated to continue pushing the boundaries of user experience. As the event drew to a close, we carried with us a renewed sense of purpose, as well as a network of connections that will undoubtedly shape our professional journeys moving forward.