Five Questions with an xDesigner: Alan Morris, Head of Engineering

By xDesign

29 Sep 2021

By: Katie Rose Hester, Content Writer

We have a great team working together here at xDesign: our offices (on-site and remote!) are full of fun, intelligent, driven people who make our company an exciting, friendly place to be.

In this “Meet n’ Greet” series: “Five Questions with an xDesigner,” we’ll introduce you to some of the incredible people working at xDesign who help us drive our growth and success, every day.

This week, we’re highlighting Alan Morris, our Head of Engineering. Read on to learn about Alan’s background, his strategy for supporting his team, and his one-word description of xDesign!

1. First things first! What is your role at xDesign and how long have you been with the company?

I have been with xDesign for 8 months now, as Head of Engineering. I’m a remote employee, working from my home in Newcastle.

2. What’s your professional background & what led you here?

I started my programming career many years ago at Accenture, working for almost five years on a project for HMRC before setting up my own iOS development agency, which is something I'd always wanted to do.

After running that business for a number of years, I worked as a Technical Director and CTO at hedgehog lab, a business similar to xDesign, where I led the expansion of the engineering teams during a period of rapid growth.

When I met the senior management team at xDesign in late 2020, I knew our vision for the business was aligned, and I felt that my experience in navigating ambitious growth plans would be a great fit for the company as it entered its next phase. What I liked most, however, was xDesign's focus on people - primarily how we support and encourage them in the workplace.

3. What’s involved in your day-to-day role?

Recruitment plays a big part in my day-to-day right now, due to the growth of the engineering teams as we scale the business. So, I currently spend a lot of time in interviews, and strategy meetings!

4. What’s something you’re passionate about when it comes to your work?

Building an environment that allows people to do their best work.

As I’ve grown as a manager and leader, I’ve realised that people genuinely want to do their best work, and when they are unable to do that, it’s almost always due to their work environment, whether that be inadequate access to necessary tools, or lack of processes in place to support professional success. I’m passionate about making sure that people have everything they need to do their job well, and grow as professionals.

And part of helping people work better and grow in their career is taking the time to listen to them, trusting them when they come to you with an issue or need, and acting on their feedback. I find that when I do this - and encourage others to do this - my team works better, and works happier.

5. Describe xDesign in one word.


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