Apple releases the new iPhone 7

By Euan Andrews

09 Sep 2016

If you’re an Apple aficionado, you will likely have seen last night’s iPhone 7 launch. In case you missed it, or were so hysterically excited that you weren’t paying attention, here’s a round-up of the main features of the newest iteration of Apple’s flagship product.

The Look

The iPhone 7 looks, well, very much like the iPhone 6s, but a little sleeker and cleaner lines. As per the 6, it’s available in gold, silver and rose gold, but gone is the dreary grey. Instead, there are not one but two black versions; one matt and one glossy ‘Jet’ black. However, Apple have subsequently warned that the more exclusive Jet black is also highly prone to scratching and recommends buying a case, somewhat defeating the point. On a more practical note, the new case is rated IP67 meaning it’ll survive underwater for up to 30 minutes at 1m and is basically dustproof.

The Display and Interface

There have been no changes to the screen size, pixel density or resolution from the i6, but Apple maintains that the screen is 25% brighter and has improved colour management and capabilities. A new home button is force sensitive and uses the same clever haptic feedback technology as the latest generations of MacBook, giving the impression of a click with a little vibration.

The Camera

Shutterbugs, snapchatters, instagrammers and selfie lovers will be delighted to hear that the i7 boasts a 12mpx camera with optical image stabilisation, F1.8 aperture, 6 element lens and 4 LED two tone flash. The standard model also features a 7mpx front facing camera, whilst the iPhone 7 plus will also feature a second, high spec rear facing camera with enhanced zoom and approaches DSLR quality photos.

Headphones and Speakers

Apple have taken the bold move of removing the traditional 3.5mm jack from the i7 and replacing it with Lightning. So now your headphones won’t work. There is a lightning to 3.55mm jack adaptor that ships with the phone, along with Apple’s fairly respectable Lightning Earpods, but I would imagine many who already own decent traditional headphones will find this frustrating. Fortunately, Apple and Beats will, I’m sure, soon be offering a range of Lightning compatible headphones. In slight compensation for this, Apple also touted their new wireless headphones ‘Airpods’, which offer some snazzy extra features and will be available in October. They have also beefed up the speakers, incorporating one at each end, so in landscape mode you essentially get a mini hi-fi.


The i7 boasts Apple’s first four core A10 Fusion processor. This improves performance, efficiency and graphics rendering, making for faster and smoother performance. More efficient processing means a longer battery life, extending it by two hours over the i6s. Having abandoned the quaint notion that 16GB is enough for anyone anymore, the iPhone 7 will only be available in 32GB, 64GB and 256GB versions.

*Preorders for the iPhone 7 are as of 9th

September with Shipping on the 16th

September. Pricing starts at £599.*

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