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Posted Dec 9, 2019

Legacy Apps In 2020: How To Decide Whether To Update Or Replace

Many organisations are acutely aware of the problematic nature of legacy applications and its impact on the growth of the business. As we move into […]

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Posted Oct 31, 2019

Kotlin Multiplatform – Exploring The Possibilities

At our xDesign company innovation day a few months ago, the Android team wanted to spend time looking at Kotlin multiplatform and how we might […]

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Posted Oct 23, 2019

xDesign: Finalists Mobile Marketing Awards 2019

The team at xDesign are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted as finalists at the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards 2019. We’ve been recognised […]

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Posted Oct 22, 2019

Unlocking Value: The Importance Of Usability Testing In Digital Product Development

Building great digital products that deliver a truly first class user experience is important for the growth of any business. We all know the pressures […]

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Posted Sep 11, 2019

What Goes On In A Digital Product Discovery Workshop?

Whether you have an idea for building a mobile app, or you need to build complex internal software in a large corporation, all great digital […]

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Posted Sep 5, 2019

Women In Tech – Scotland Leading The Way

This week, we had the opportunity to take part in the Women In Tech Scotland Series at the EICC in Edinburgh. The event is a […]

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Posted Sep 2, 2019

Minimum Viable Product vs. Minimum Marketable Product – What’s The Difference?

When it comes to digital product development, you’ll more than likely be confronted with a whole host of acronyms and software development terminology that can […]

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Posted Aug 27, 2019

A Guide To Building The Right Digital Product For Your Business

Businesses, regardless of size and industry, are being shaken up by technology. You might be a start up looking to launch a new product, an […]

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Posted Jul 2, 2019

Why Alcohol Companies Are Turning To Augmented & Virtual Reality Apps

From whisky, to gin, to cider, spirits companies are turning to augmented reality to drive customer experiences, differentiate their brands through immersive storytelling and drive […]

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