A new way to procure innovation in the public sector

CivTech is a new program that is encouraging the Public Sector to procure innovation and then support the creation of that innovation. A number of public bodies were invited to set challenges.


How do we make roads smarter? With a commitment to provide 4g coverage along the “spine of Scotland” – during the dualling of the A9 – Transport Scotland wanted to know how to leverage new technologies and ideas.

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Bumps in the road

By using the accelerometer on a mobile phone we are able to detect road defects – cracks and bumps into the road – long before they become “potholes” – and inform the authorities of their existence

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Data Science

By using Machine Based Learning and Data science techniques we were able to get our accuracy rates up to over 95%.

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A new company

This project has been so successful that it has spawned a new company – – which is going to take the project further – using weather and traffic data to predict pot holes before they happen!

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