Making safer journeys for pedestrians with visual impairment and physical disabilities.

Multiple projects, one ambition. Having spent almost two decades working with the visually impaired as a guide dog mobility instructor Gavin Neate founded Neatebox in 2011 with a goal to empower people though technology to create a more accessible world.

Together from the start

Over the years we have worked with Neatebox to harness the power of a mobile phone and immerging IOT technologies to give digital solutions to people with visual impairments and physical disabilities.

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Out of reach

Pedestrian crossings aren’t uniform in their accessibility features, often they are poorly placed, out of reach, or hard to locate.

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Palm of your hand

We worked with the Neatebox team developed a system that uses Bluetooth in pedestrian crossings, triggered by a mobile app, to allow users to cross from a safe place always.

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Accessible for all

With a largely visually impaired user base accessibility is everything for the app. “Button” can be operated entirely by voice and in the minimum of taps.

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Mobile powering mobility

“Button” makes the world more accessible for everybody. Being able to make safer journeys gives users confidence and it also has provided an opportunity for vital research in mobility!

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