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MoneySupermarket were looking for an expert mobile development  partner to accelerate the re-development of their MoneySupermarket GO app that would offer their users the best possible experience when it comes to making better financial decisions.

Initial Challenges

The MoneySupermarket team tried a number of solutions when attempting to develop the app and were struggling to produce results.

There were multiple difficulties stemming from lack of resource and legacy systems. App designs were not subject to technical review with unnecessary custom components. The designs could not be powered by the API, no user journeys were identified and the designs produced were limited to one mobile platform only.


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Expert Guidance & Accelerated Velocity

xDesign integrated into MoneySupermarkets existing Mobile team to provide expert guidance, advise on designs and recommend changes. We advised on specific API changes and this has resulted in more granular, better services. We have successfully put VIPER in place as an engineering framework to allow increased modularity of code, and a greater flexibility of cycling staff onto a project.

xDesign also put process in place that has made us one team, we have daily stand ups, communicate through Slack, have effective sprint ceremonies.

We helped the MoneySupermarket team to shift their focus from “mobile development” to “mobile engineering”.

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Trusted Mobile Partner

We have (and continue to) produced robust products for MoneySupermarket. Our guidance around dynamic responsive flows that reuse components and perform well, have high levels of testing and has been delivered where others have failed.

We have helped their mobile team to define and drive testing frameworks, engineering standards, development practices, and project methodology. We advise on the ideal, but deal with the reality. We were proud to be chosen as MoneySupermarkets trusted mobile partner

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