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Menzies Aviation

Menzies Aviation operate in more than 200 airports around the world with over 30 000 employees. xDesign was chosen as their partner to deliver substantial digital transformation projects in this case developing a mobile audit app. Fundamental to the business is Menzies safety auditing and inspection services that involve the movement of aircrafts, security services, fuelling and passenger check-in.

From The Ground Up

xDesign put on our high vis vests and spent time in the field at various airports, observing and challenging existing processes to determine how we could deliver client needs and come up with the best possible digital solution.

Combined with a series of workshops and prototypes we worked with the Menzies team to build a new mobile audit software system from the ground up. Like many businesses of their age and size processes were built on older processes and a reliance on the “way things have always been done” and traditional paper processes caused unreliability in results, inefficiencies and a lack of quality Management Information.

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The new SMART (Standard Menzies Audit and Reporting Tool) app and supporting web services radically overhauls the way Audit and inspections are assigned, carried out and reported on.

xDesign engineered a dynamic, web based, question management and inspection tool that dynamically builds inspections based on category through pools of related questions. Those inspections are assembled dynamically – pulling together hundreds of variables into a single inspection that is relevant to the person on the ground – right for their role, the flight, the business unit and the type of inspection.

Every inspection has a new set of questions – keeping them unpredictable while the system makes sure that globally the results are resolved into comparable stats about success. These questions are answered via a mobile app for Smartphones

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New Ways Of Working

We created new ways to mark positive behaviour and report that across the business instantly. This meant that the trend of best practice can be identified, as well as alerting Managers of patterns of problems and issues both at an individual level – but also across the board.

That rich meta tagging of data across individual questions or on the spot incidents creates a detailed profile not just of overall inspection success but at a granular level and as such drives the real goal of the Menzies safety team, to stop potential incidents before they happen.

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Operational Excellence

SMART helps Menzies staff perform at their best, it helps to empower their people on the ground and keeps millions of passengers safe as they travel through airports worldwide.

Menzies have been so pleased with the digital solution xDesign have developed that we are proud to be helping them drive their future digital transformation projects.

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