Providing grounds maintenance for the UK’s largest companies even in the harshest conditions.

Litterboss first came to us asking “How can we use less paper?” – so we spent time reviewing their documentation, spent time with management and on the frontlines. Ultimately we were able to come up with a solution that reduced paper use by 95%.

So much more

Our process revealed that we could create real transformation in the business – by building a digital proof of delivery and deployment system – fully integrated into their invoicing systems.

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Winter Work used to involve staff on standby in cold weather to assign work – the system now uses temperature sensors and MET office data to deploy work automatically, track performance and invoice without human intervention

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Tracking & performance

With an app installed on their phone, staff and contractors can be assigned work instantly by text. The app then tracks their work via GPS and builds automatic reports – sent straight to the client for Proof of Delivery and peace of mind

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Good to great

Like many of our business transformation projects they started with simply asking us to solve a problem or exploit an opportunity – for Litterboss that ultimately helped the environment, saved them money, and won them customers!

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