Bringing vital information to housing associations with IRT, and Ignite

IRT, Supported by Ignite – Centrica’s award winning program for investment in social change – IRT embarked on a project to help Local Authority’s make sense of their housing stock to understand their energy ratings, plan activity and reduce fuel poverty.

Drag & Drop

We worked with IRT to deliver a Web app that had the lowest barrier of entry possible. Allowing a Local Authority to simply drag and drop a spreadsheet of housing data into their browser window.

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Power of the cloud

By using the power of the cloud data is sorted and cleaned and millions of calculations performed a second to clean a sort data – ultimately delivering Energy ratings for all of an Authority’s housing stock

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Insight, not just information

We display that data in an insightful way – providing heat maps down to an individual street level – highlighting what areas would benefit form improvement screens and which are in danger of fuel poverty

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Better than ever

Public money can now be spent more effectively, properties environmental impact lessened, and homeowners can be warmer, safer and save money.

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