For 25000 customers, in 33 countries for almost 100 years Exova tests and advises on safety, quality, and performance.

Exova is one of the largest testing laboratory based testing groups in the world. One of their fastest growing sectors is for retailers – testing that ingredients match the packaging of goods.

From big rig to palm of your hand

We worked with Exova to replicate the functions of their phonebox sized, cumbersome, camera, mount and PC rig into software that could be run on a mobile device – using on board processing and cameras.

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Baby and bathwater

Not all of the system needed replaced – we built a direct integration into the Laboratory Information Management System – so that the new system integrated smoothly with the existing infrastructure

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Single Direction Track

By working through the process from first principles we were able to create a workflow that minimised any opportunity for error and automated several steps.

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Cheaper, faster, easier

Our new system allowed their service to be deployed to labs across the wold at a fraction of the original cost. Allowing Exova to keep millions of consumers safer, easier.

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