Discovery and Estimation Workshops

Understand. Uncover. Unlimited Possibilities.

Understanding your needs and uncovering opportunities for your business.

Discovery and Estimation workshops are designed to identify and understand crucial aspects of your project so that you can move forward confidently, with the information you need to best achieve your goals and vision.From working with you to crystallise your idea, to journey and feature mapping, to estimating time and cost, our approach to understanding your project scope and scale is a proven way to support and enhance your development from day one.

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The Process

Over the last decade, we’ve developed and refined a unique methodology for Discovery and Estimation that’s thorough, efficient, and results-oriented.

At the end of this process, you can expect to walk away with a comprehensive overview of what your product can and should look like to best support your user, how long it will take to produce, what resources will be necessary, and how much it will cost to take your project forward into development.

Our primary goal throughout every phase of the process is to deeply understand your vision while contributing creatively to enhance your existing ideas.In the first instance, we do this by investigating exactly what it is you and your users need and expect. This is executed through first principle research, and we do everything in our power to gain our information and insight straight from the source.

With your project extensively mapped out, it’s possible to more precisely identify the cost, resources, and time necessary to complete any one feature. Using the knowledge we’ve gained through the discovery process, we can provide you with detailed insight into our proposed solutions for your project.

First Principle Research

From first hand observation on runways, train tracks, laboratories and office buildings, to working with you on stakeholder interviews and review analytics, our teams spare no effort when it comes to understanding your business, your systems, and your users.

User Journeys and Technical Dependencies

After we identify where we’re headed and estimate the time, resources, and cost required to get there, we put together detailed, extensive user journeys - which include existing technical touch points and pain points. This process helps us discover exactly what your existing systems can support, and what needs to be built.

Rough Order of Magnitude Workshops

Once we’ve built a solid understanding of where you’ve come from, we focus on where you’re going, and then we estimate how long it will take to get there, what resources will be required, and how much it will cost.


Our cross-functional teams of product owners, designers, and engineers are experts at identifying and allocating the best resources for your project. They work in fortnightly ‘sprints’ of work, and will provide time and cost estimates, giving you a detailed view of your investment, and ensuring maximum transparency and understanding throughout the development process.

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The results. And the possibilities

Our approach to discovery and estimation is unique because it’s aspirational. We don’t view constraints on time, resources, or cost as barriers to success; we see them as opportunities to create, ideate, and think outside the box. When we work with you as a partner, we build your product - and our relationship - without an expiration date in mind.

Ultimately, our commitment to your project is to help you create something that’s not just ready for launch, but ready for the future. We’re your development partner, and we’re on this journey together.

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