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Delivering software that lives in your customers pocket and builds brand loyalty

A high quality mobile app will help you build brand loyalty and improve customer experience. Great apps strengthen and build on customer relationships. We’ve been building apps for more than a decade.

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What We Do

We produce mobile solutions that pair great engineering with fantastic mobile first UX and UI to give your customers an experience they’ll return to time and again.

iOS Development

From updating Objective C apps to developing modern code in Swift, we’re experts in leveraging the human interface guidelines to create native iOS apps that pair great engineering with wonderful design.


Primarily using React Native and Google’s Flutter we build a variety of apps that leverage the benefits of a single code base to deliver a great native experience.

Mobile First Design

Mobile first design takes your big business needs and translates them to small screens with full functionality, accessibility and user experience. To make sure we understand your business and its needs, we use workshops, data, and prototypes to inform our decision making.

Android Development

In Java and Kotlin our Android development team create gorgeous experiences across the platform with the widest range of processors and screen sizes. Wherever your customers are, we can deliver an experience to remember.

Tablet Development

We provide bespoke tablet development for iPad, Android and Surface tablets to make sure your brand looks and feels amazing across all of the platforms and provides your customers with the best experience.

Innovation Development

Delivering machine learning, AR, VR, leveraging bluetooth to power IoT solutions, and producing one of the very first apple watch apps, our history of innovation will help you solve complex business problems and create new opportunities.

image for info section Tesco Bank

With over 6.5 million active customer accounts across a range of financial products and services, Tesco Bank makes banking and insurance simple and rewarding, while enabling people to be smarter with their money

However their mobile application was no longer capable of supporting the highest engineering standards, and they began to search for a partner who could augment their existing delivery teams to rebuild the app from the ground up, while modernising and improving their Engineering and Design standards.

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Main Benefits

A mobile app can help you build your brand, increase brand loyalty and put powerful information about your business into the pockets of your customers and employees.

Simplifying Engagement Across Mobile

Mobile apps give you the opportunity to create a more direct, simpler, user experience. You can empower your users to have a stronger relationship with your business by engaging and working with you on-the-go and accessing your services at all times. Regardless of your business you can increase productivity or sales through mobile.

Expert Advice, Whenever You Need It

Your mobile app is a powerful extension of your brand and offering. Mobile is our bread and butter from native iOS and Android apps to cross platform app development, we can provide expert advice on the best options for you and how you can integrate mobile with your digital transformation strategy.

Helping You Tackle Complex Problems

Mobile simplifies complicated data and processes across your business into simple, beautiful, user engagement by utilising the most powerful computing device most people own. Whether customer or business to business facing, mobile apps simplify complexity and increase engagement and productivity.

Building Brand Loyalty

In a world teeming with competition, simplicity is key. Build brand loyalty and increase engagement with an offering that puts you right where your customers are - making your brand a constant companion in the pocket of your customers will help you compete in the digital arena.

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