Functional Requirement/RFP creation

We bring good ideas to life and help you kill off the bad ones.

Piece of String

We understand that sometimes you need a ballpark and sometimes you actually need a quote a software developer will stand behind.

Get to a Quote

The first thing we look at is what is needed to get you into a position that a project is quotable – creating a review of what’s needed, wanted, and technically possible.

Functional Requirements

Functional requirements from the bedrock of a quoteable product. Essentially a list of the must have, should have, and could have elements of the project, they provide a menu of development options.


Depending on the maturity of idea/problem to be solved this is often combined with a design workshop to discover what people don’t already know.

Go to Market

With a functional requirements document in hand you are in a position to go to market with the best possible foundation for a request for proposal.