Embedded Engineering Teams

xDesign’s embedded engineering teams supplement your in-house resources and enable you to scale at pace, meet growing demand, fill technical skills gaps, and achieve your roadmap.

Digital experts work as an extension of your in-house development team to enhance your digital delivery by helping you create the best products possible on web or mobile, utilising a collaborative, supportive approach.

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Why embedded engineering?

Sometimes a project requires additional skills, experience, and expertise to keep moving forward. From short-term tactical engagements to facilitate final-stage execution, to large scale programmes of work, we’ve helped some of the largest and fastest-scaling organisations in the UK build better products, develop their teams, navigate their roadmaps, and achieve their goals.

As an employer-of-choice across the country, xDesign is able to find and develop top talent and provide your business with empowered engineers who have access to the resources they need to grow their knowledge and expertise, enabling them to make meaningful contributions to your project at every stage.

Identifying the right engineers for your goals is only part of the support that we provide to ensure success. Once we’ve identified the best digital experts for your project, we work with you to effectively onboard and integrate them into your existing team.

Add additional skills & expertise to your project

Build better products to achieve your goals

Access empowered engineering talent

Integrate in-house to provide velocity, expertise & support

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"xDesign has been a key strategic partner in helping realise our next generation product. Working across multiple teams, disciplines, and stakeholders; delivering strategic and operational value to the business."

Nick Huckerby, Engineering Director, Zonal

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How are engineers embedded into your team?

Over a decade of helping businesses deliver digital, we’ve battle-tested a unique methodology for onboarding that gets your xDesign team members integrated swiftly, so that you can start delivering quality, quickly.

We waste no time getting up to speed about your business, your systems, and your mission. This knowledge transfer happens through a tailored process designed to suit both long term and shorter-term tactical engagements - we know what questions to ask so that we can hit the ground running, and start adding value to your team immediately.

Because we source the right engineers for your project by looking beyond the four corners of a CV to determine who is the best fit for a given role across a range of factors, this process can happen without delay, and your xDesign team members can start adding value to your project as fast as possible.

Our onboarding and integration process is also designed to ensure that all team members understand their roles and responsibilities, so that everyone can work together efficiently, right from the start. We specifically define what success looks like, lay out a clear plan for retros, stand ups, and reviews, and specifically identify any areas in need of further attention, or clarification. By the time we get started working together, we’ll have minimised the chance for surprises, and built a solid foundation from which to begin making meaningful progress.

Battle tested methodology for swift onboarding

Sourcing the right engineers for your project

Hit the ground running & add value immediately

Onboarding & integration designed for 'no surprises'

How is an embedded engineering team managed?

Throughout the entire lifecycle of a project, our engineers have access to 100% of the resources and support available at xDesign, and so do you. We work as one, which means that on-project support is available to any team member, at any time.

We manage ongoing projects alongside our clients, so that everyone has access to the support and resources they need to function as a cohesive team. Our thorough and effective onboarding and integration process - which covers everything from building domain knowledge, relationships, ways of working, and issue resolution procedures - which means roles and responsibilities are clearly defined from day one, which facilitates smoother, more effective management and cooperation.

Our managers support your project by helping coach team members through any problems or situations that may arise. These team leads serve as the first point of contact with our embedded engineers through regular one-on-one meetings and consistent communication designed to inform and empower.

This crucial communication ensures that all team members have agency to manage situations as they arise, and direct communication with team leads is encouraged to accelerate the swift resolution of problems without unnecessary escalation or bureaucracy.

This tried-and-tested model for providing project management and support further increases efficiency and productivity by ensuring that opportunities to improve processes and find efficiencies are discovered and acted upon as quickly as possible, resulting in a team that works powerfully, and productively.

We work as one - access support across the whole of xDesign

Consistent communication encouraging agency & swift resolution

Roles and responsibilities clearly defined from day one

Tried & tested project management to increase efficiency & productivity

Cross-functional agile product delivery teams

xDesign can deliver full or part cross-functional agile development teams across product, design, QA, and Agile disciplines.

Solving your software engineering resource challenge might be one part of your overall delivery puzzle. If you’re in need of support to ensure product quality, architect solutions to difficult problems, design beautiful interfaces, understand user’s needs, or discover product solutions, xDesign can help you fit the pieces together.

First, we can help you determine exactly what support you need, and then we can deliver full or part cross-functional Agile development teams across product, design, QA and Agile disciplines, to meet your unique needs and help you achieve your objectives. And if your needs change mid-project, we’ll be there to help you analyse and address the situation.

We’re your development partner from day one, and we’re on this journey together.

Your development partner from day one

Solving your software engineering resource challenges

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