Design Workshops

One size doesn't fit all

We have a range of workshops for, people with a clear idea of where they want to get to, a problem they want to solve, or an opportunity they want to exploit.

Mobile specific

Often used by digital and creative agencies to help their clients bring existing assets to mobile devices we can advise in general or on specific products.

Variable length

While there are a series of structures and processes, we use to deliver our workshops they are based on your availability to contribute and can occur across a single day, weeks, or months.


Key to our design process is the ability to tailor designs to budgets. We involve QA and engineers in the whole process so that we are tailoring the design process to development practicalities.

Ideas to life

If there was a single goal for most workshops, it’s to bring the ideas to life of the parties involved and then record those in such a way that they can be built into functional requirements – a key element in allowing us to produce quotes we can stand by.