UI, UX, Prototyping and User Research

Bringing beautiful form to implementable function to give your customers a market-leading experience

User Interface and User Experience will define how your customers think about and interact with your solution. It builds brand loyalty, passion and trust in your business and products. Our UI and UX designers will create a look that aligns with your brand, leverages your best assets and delivers an experience to remember for your customers.

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What We Do

Our design services are about bringing you closer to your users and optimising workflows.

Persona Creation and Pain Point Mapping

Persona creating is about creating profiles of typical users with needs, goals, motivations and pains. If we can uncover what solves a user’s problems are and help them be better, then we can position your solution to solve their problems.

User Testing and Research

Through qualitative and quantitative research, designed to uncover the real motivations and opinions of users, we weave user research into your project, pre, during and post delivery to inform every stage of the process.

Platform Specific Design

Our designs are made specifically for the users and platforms in mind. We blend overall look and feel with the expectations of users in their setting and technology.


Prototypes and wireframes put a tangible simulation of a solution into your hands for user testing. We work with paper wireframes and low fidelity options to quickly demonstrate ideas and concepts and high fidelity prototypes that allow users to tap, click or swipe through simulations of the real thing.

Look and Feel

Our team immerse themselves in your current style guides, your competitors' designs, the platforms that you wish to emulate, and everything they can about your audience to create a look and feel for your product that will resonate with users.

Implementation Focused

Our designers are constantly focussed on the idea that technical debt starts with design and are obsessed with implementability. All designs are reviewed by our engineering team for ease of development before they make it to you.

image for info section Heineken

The world’s second largest brewer, serving over 25 million beers every day around the globe, Heineken operates and provides specialist services to tens of thousands of pubs and restaurants across the UK.

With a heavily manual customer on-boarding process, involving piles of paperwork across multiple third parties, Heineken identified this as an area of inefficiency that digital could help solve.

Having first engaged one of the big-four consultants to help them on this journey, they quickly came to the conclusion that a smaller, far more agile agency would be a better fit to help deliver this solution – and xDesign was ready to step in.

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Main Benefits

Whether it’s as part of an enterprise’s digital transformation program or a start-up mobile venture, the success and uptake of a product revolves around the user understanding how the product makes their life easier. Our design processes make that happen.

Understanding Your Users

We conduct extensive and informative user research to understand the pain points of your users, how your solution can solve those pain points and what your users will respond to. This informs every decision and the product roadmap from day one. Understanding your users brings clarity and impact to your solution.

Easy to Use and Incredibly Powerful

This is where form meets function and we balance beautiful designs with technical implementability. We ensure that people that use your solution find it easy to navigate, delightful to engage with and that it empowers them to access the information they need, when they need it.

The Right Experience

Our designers understand that in digital one size doesn’t fit all. They are experienced in the design patterns for a wide range of platforms, from media players on the big screen to widgets on a smart watch. This delivers a best in class experience no matter how the user chooses to interact with your organisation.

Functional Insights Throughout Development

Wireframes and functioning prototypes give you insight and access to your new solution throughout the development process. You can click or tap through what the system will be like, experience it first hand, and understand what your users will see and engage with. Every step of the way, your feedback counts.

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