Working in partnership from beginning to end


Our process starts earlier and finishes later than most mobile agencies. A great app is more akin to a product than a website with an icon. It’s software that lives in your pocket.  So we start at the beginning – why someone would use your app, who they are, what they want – and this user centred design approach informs our whole process. It’s the cornerstone of what allows us to function as a partner, not just a supplier.


Every project begins with research. The size and scope of which depends on the project but we are adept at everything from conducting stakeholder interviews, reviewing existing analytics, commissioning bespoke research, and applying our mobile-specific research findings. We pair this knowledge of you and your market with competitor analysis and review so that before we move to Design we know as much as we can about your world and who’s in it.

Technical Review

No “app” is an island, perfectly closed off from the world. At xDesign, we can build everything for you from the ground up, the backend to the front end, of your digital infrastructure. We are just as adept at integration – with a specialist team that deals with just this. Whether it’s interfacing with an existing internal system, building a mobile-specific API, or directly integrating with existing campaign analytics, we understand how to make your app work as part of your digital family.


Our Design, UI, and UX process are built using User-Centred Design concepts and, often, the creation of “Personas” – a synthesised set of typical, not average, users. Powered by our Research, the creation of Personas allows us to create a model of anticipated users that gives us insight not just into the Demography of users but their goals, tasks, motivations, and needs. It affords us a real understanding of what your users want and that allows us to interrogate, or build, a better brief.


The creation of interactive design prototypes allows for an immediate understanding of what is about to enter a development stage. We “hook up” designs to platform specific interactions – so you can swipe, tap, scroll or click – just as the user would.

Whether building your app in a truly agile fashion or using a more traditional waterfall method, prototyping allows us to test quickly whether a concept will work – before we write a line of code.

Right tools for the job

Determining the overall expense of a project is, of course, vitally important and during this part of the process we mainly concentrate on assessing value. As businesses we are always focussed on getting the best ROI as possible and that’s what we look at here. What are the real costs of a potential project? How much time is it likely to take? Not just for us but also for your members of staff – short and long term. We will also look at any monetisation routes we can consider as well as marketing impact.


There are whole books on SCRUM agile methodology – but what does it really mean for you as a client? In its purest form, it means we all work together to build something that we design, develop and test in small chunks called “Sprints”. At the end of each sprint (for us this is typically two weeks), you get a “feature set” to feedback on – an actual functioning part of your app to interact with and test.


When your app is ready, we will get it out into the world for you.  For most this is via the relevant app stores. There are a number of enterprise-specific options, for example in securing your app in a MDM systems “walled garden” to support BYOD schemes, that we can deploy.

Warranty and Maintenance

We offer an industry leading warranty on our work. Our goal is always to make you as self-reliant as possible. However, the nature of some partner’s projects requires ongoing maintenance. At xDesign we offer an innovative and market leading maintenance program that converts unused maintenance time into developer days so that budgets are always maximised.

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