Our Process

Our Process

When it comes to mobile app development, we realise that our customers approach us from a range of different perspectives, sectors and states of readiness. We’ve created different products and services to meet various needs, but there is a consistent arc to all of these customer conversations so that we get to really understand your needs, and can deliver something that will delight you and your stakeholders.

We believe the same levels of professional care and attention should be applied to your digital assets as any other area of your business. There is no ‘one-way’ that we will do things, but there are some common steps on the path to digital and mobile enlightenment. At xDesign we have developed a common blueprint to success which can be adapted to suit you.

Get to know your neighbourhood

Get to know the neighbourhood

Defining your target audience and users is crucial in app development, as is defining the problem or challenge that your trying to fix. At xDesign we make a point of testing and challenging your idea – in a nice friendly way, of course – to ensure we’re all starting off our journey from a robust position. This means we can start adding value from those very first conversations in either a meeting or workshop environment.

Laying the foundations

Goal setting is incredibly important, as is our role in managing your expectations. We’ll take you through apps in similar markets and sectors and show you downloads, impacts, critical and user reviews – we also have lots of experience in knowing just what works and what doesn’t. We’ll discuss your hopes and ambitions and jointly develop a set of stretch targets to push your idea forward.

Bring in the architects

Bring in the architects

Form follows function. When we know the audience and what we want to tell them, then we can start design. We’ll discuss the must haves during this process – that might be operating guidelines, best practice note, accessibility issues and corporate branding (for example). It also includes looking at anything similar in the market, and making sure your product is differentiated and taking advantage of the latest technology.

Structural Engineering

The technical requirements for an app vary wildly and largely. Unless your particularly interested, we won’t bore you with what goes on behind the curtain. However this is the point where we discuss what elements of control you need – what sort of content management, back end integration etc. We’ll discuss future proofing at this point and how to minimise bugs.

Mortgage Plan

The Mortgage Plan

Determining the overall expense of a project is, of course, vitally important and during this part of the process we mainly concentrate on assessing value. As a business we are focused on maximising your ROI and that’s what we look at here. What are the real costs of a potential project? How much time is it likely to take? Not just for us but also for your members of staff.

Grand Designs

Throughout the process we need to test that we are on the right path and gather unbiased opinion. Who we go to for that depends on time and budget. As standard, we’ll use our staff who are not involved in your project to feedback comments and survey your team who are in the same boat. We can also organise external research – polling a selection of your target market on everything from the whole concept to the font used in a menu! We can use that to make important changes to the application as it gets developed.



Our job and process doesn’t end at the release of an app. We can offer a range of after care services from simple bug fixing to planned upgrades and new features and 24/7 support. What might be right for you will be fully discussed. This is on top of our standard warranty.


After we’ve finished with phase 1 and your app is in the hands of your target customers, we can start to talk about how we can help you move forward. Phase 2 might be ironing out some kinks in the process, or it might be additional features; whatever it looks like to you we will make sure you’re getting the best service possible.


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