Helping QikServe meet the explosion in demand for self-service ordering in the Fast Food sector

The Challenge

QikServe is a leading supplier of self-service ordering kiosks and counts Burger King and many other large fast food brands among its clients.

QikServe needed to quickly capitalise on increased market demand for self-service ordering with a scalable solution that could run on self-service kiosks in restaurants with low-touch maintenance and upgrade requirements.

You have carried-out a huge amount of work for us and been a great partner.

Alistair ChalmersHead of Development, QikServe

The Solution

To help QikServe scale quickly and with ease, we built a universal windows app custom designed to run on its self-service kiosks.

We launched the app as a minimum viable product and then supported QikServe’s in-house team with development, implementation and maintenance for almost three years as the self-service kiosk systems continued to scale across the UK.

By implementing Augmented Engineering, we were able to work closely with QikServe’s core delivery team and increase support during scaling and development and remain on call and engaged throughout the quieter periods.

Going Above and Beyond

As QikServe continued to scale the information architecture needed to underpin its growth started to age, we joined the in-house team in rebuilding the original universal windows app to create a modern web technology architecture that was optimised to being an Electron hosted React app.

To help future proof QikServe’s offering, we created an off-line architecture designed to support future deployments and expansion of the business.

The Results

We worked closely with the QikServe team to build a minimum viable product that would go on to underpin the expansion of QikServe’s solution across restaurant brands in the UK.

To help future proof the expansion of QikServe’s solutions, we built a scalable information architecture and modern version of the app over an almost three year relationship.

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