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The Challenge

Udacity is one of the world’s leading e-learning platforms, delivering thousands of learning on-demand courses to over 11.5 million users across the globe.

In the challenging San Francisco job market, Udacity were struggling to build their mobile team at a fast enough pace to keep up with the scale of demand on their services. As they planned out the next phase of their mobile app, they needed a partner to help scale and expedite their delivery.

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge how hard each one of you have been working on this project and thank you for your commitment and support. I see discussions between engineers happening way past the typical end of workday and I see significant progress being made. We are certainly coming together as a team. I thank you for it.

Kiran JagadeeshProduct Manager Lead, Mobile, Udacity

The Solution

Onboarding onto an existing code base and a team already working on it can be a challenging prospect. However we quickly established a close relationship with the in-house engineering team at Udacity to review their existing native iOS and Android code.

By working closely alongside Udacity’s San Francisco team, we were able to absorb their existing high quality coding standards into our own team, and onboarded seamlessly with their DevOps, QA and Continuous Integration tools.

It was vital that we were able to offer flexibility across the project, and to do so we put together a specialised team with exactly the right skill set, regularly rebalancing the sizing of teams across the iOS and Android apps as required to give Udacity the maximum amount of flexibility.

Going Above and Beyond

Udacity is an agile business that moves quickly and was working on a challenging project. As a business in a unique position, we could see that Udacity didn't have a full-fledged agency service but something more flexible that could move with its teams.

We transformed the way we work into Augmented Engineering, equipping Udacity with a team of specialists that would allow it to scale up and down across developmental platforms in a way that suited the needs of the project.

The Results

We worked closely with Udacity in its competitive environment to ensure that both the iOS and Android apps were delivered on time and on budget. We were also able to continue to offer Udacity flexible engineering support as it built out its internal teams.


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