Innovating in a Competitive Landscape

The Challenge

The Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh (RCSEd) is a professional body for medical professionals at every stage of their surgical career, interested medical students, trainees, consultants and even those retired from practice.

The RCSE is a membership organisation that operates in a competitive landscape and needed a way to bolster membership, increase retention and better communicate membership benefits.

The Solution

We guided the College through a two week discovery period, comprising a series of workshops, to understand the challenges the college faced (engaging members, communicating member benefits and onboarding new members) and which solution would work for all stakeholders and balance the needs of the organisation, the market opportunity and account for technical dependencies.

Between workshops we interviewed stakeholders and people affiliated with the college to understand their perceptions of the College, their pain points, barriers to joining and making the most of their memberships.

This information allowed us to take the “as is” and shape a vision of the “to-be”, which was focussed on moving away from an everything to everyone approach to one that could serve the right content to the right people at the right time.

The end result was a mobile app built on Flutter, which allowed us to work seamlessly across iOS and Android. The goal of the app was to remove friction between the college and its members. Where people had found the website clunky and hard to use, the app was simple, beautiful and effective.

Going Above and Beyond

As one of the oldest organisations in the world - founded in 1505 - every decision that the College makes needs to have its impact mapped out on every level. We created a plan that brought the board, marketing department, members team, IT department and many others together on the journey.

We worked closely with senior leadership to build a proposal with the features and benefits of the new app, including the business case and basic wireframes.

For the project to be considered a success, it needed to be a success for everyone involved internally and externally so we delivered the proposals to the 25 member board (and other stakeholders) to help take them on the journey and outline strong return on investment and deliverables for every department.

The Results

The new app puts hundreds of years of experience and resources into the pockets of the college’s members. It brings a new, mobile first, user first perspective to their digital offering - providing a gateway to content that lets users access what they want when they need it with a single tap.

Like the College has done since 1505 the new RCSEd supports medical professionals on their journey and fulfils the motto of the College, “Hinc Sanitas”. From here, health. from here, health.

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