Turning detailed transaction data into valuable insight

The Challenge

As the world’s leading global online payment platform, PayPal enables users and businesses around the world to transfer money and make fast and secure electronic payments, while gathering petabytes of data from their 325 million users and the purchases that they make.

PayPal were looking for an experienced partner who could create new and innovative ways to deliver detailed insight for their executive team in real time, ensuring company employees always had a detailed overview of data, regardless of where they were in the world.

We’ve partnered with xDesign for the last 5+ years, and they have been key to delivering some key pieces of software for our business. They have always been approachable and pro-active in help us deliver.

John JonesCFO, PayPal

The Solution

Through interviews with stakeholders, analytics reviews and working prototypes, we were able to quickly understand what Key Performance Indicators drove decisions in situ, and how they differed per user. We then used this insight to build a bespoke iPad app that provided tailored insights based on a user’s profile and behaviours.

We worked closely with PayPal’s internal development team to create a solution that built powerful APIs that could deliver hundreds of thousands of different data points directly from their internal Data Lake, transforming petabytes of information into iPad consumable amounts.

When viewing millions of individual transactions, security is paramount. To meet the highest industry standards, we implemented leading security techniques and technology to protect user data through encryption, Single Sign-On and MDM integration with AirWatch.

As a result, we were able to build and deliver an initial iOS MVP that was presented to the PayPal Executive team, and through analytic insight we iteratively delivered new features and performance indicators across iPad and iPhone.

As part of the project delivery, we supported PayPal in the hiring of an internal mobile team, laying the foundations that have enabled them to build a team around a product that continues to provide essential insight to this day.

Going Above and Beyond

Data is power but it’s not good if it can only be accessed from a single, secure, location. We knew that PayPal’s executives would be on the move and meeting customers and clients out in the field.

\ We took the opportunity to build a powerful, easy to use, iPhone app that delivered data insights to executives on the move.

This environment also gave us the opportunity to advise on strategies for technical implementation of data feeds within the app. So regardless of the device, users were seeing the right information at the right time - instead of having to dig through settings to find it.

The Results

Alongside delivering a high profile app to the PayPal executive team that gave them unprecedented access to data and crucial decision making information, we were able to work closely with PayPal’s in-house engineering team to guide and lead them on Agile methodology and cadence to help transform the way work and approach engineering.

This included teaching and training the PayPal team throughout the transition period, allowing them to be fully equipped to take over the maintenance and development of the app and succeed into the future.


Augmented Agile Delivery Teams

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