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The Challenge

Moneysupermarket is one of the UK’s biggest comparison and aggregator services and helps consumers make smarter financial decisions.

It needed help redeveloping its Moneysupermarket GO (MSM GO) app in native iOS and Android while supporting an in-house team that would take over development and maintenance of the app into the future.

One of the biggest challenges Moneysupermarket faced was how to convey complex comparison data to its users in a way that was simple to understand, easy to navigate and would encourage regular visits to the app.

The Solution

The Moneysupermarket GO app contains a lot of information that requires the user interface and experience to do a lot of heavy lifting to make that information easy to access and engage with.

We inherited a code base for the original Moneysupermarket GO app from a previous team and immediately started working with Moneysupermarket to understand the pain points of their customers, priorities and features for the redevelopment. We also looked at what could be repurposed, what could be reused and what had to be created from scratch.

Our engineers integrated seamlessly with the new Moneysupermarket team and building onto the existing code base, we took a mobile native first approach, developing native iOS and Android apps that fully integrated the new features and payment platforms that leveraged the existing API.

Going Above and Beyond

While we helped Moneysupermarket redevelop the MSM GO app, we also saw an opportunity to partner more deeply and help establish a new development and product management team that could take over the ongoing evolution and new iterations of the app.

We were able to work with this new team to lay the foundations needed to set them up for the future and implement VIPER’s clean code principles as an engineering framework to help to increase the modularity of code, which in turn increased flexibility in cycling staff from project to project by making the code easier to work with.

The processes we put in place let the team scale at Moneysupermarket as cohesively as possible - including daily stand ups and communication systems that helped ensure the future of the app was robust, modern and dependable for its users.

The Results

We worked with Moneysupermarket to produce a robust and dynamic app that has supported its business objectives and help put complex and powerful information into a simple form and into the pockets of thousands of MSM’s users.

As part of the team, we helped set standards, best practice and patterns that the in-house team could continue to use after the project had finished.

We allowed the Moneysupermarket team to shift their focus from mobile development to mobile engineering and focus on streamlining the user experience with user journey mapping and easing the difficulties created by legacy systems.


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