How a digital management system transformed Ground Control’s delivery system

The Challenge

Ground Control is the UK’s largest winter maintenance provider; responsible for providing gritting and snow clearance services to over 9,000 commercial sites in winter season based on Met Office weather forecast data, they must mobilise their 1,000 team to deliver services to keep the likes of Tesco, Royal Mail, Sainsburys and many more operating in extreme weather conditions.

Being the largest in the country doesn’t come without the pressures of needing to stay ahead of competition and continue to challenge and innovate, Ground Control had grown from a traditional paper based proof of delivery system to an internally built on-premise solution that after hundreds of thousands of completed visits was beginning to show its age.

xDesign was selected to help them on this journey.

xDesign has been a been a partner of choice for us for over 7 years, they have led the development of two systems that have transformed our business process and client engagement.

Richard JohnsonWinter Maintenance Director, Ground Control

The Solution

We began our partnership with Ground Control by walking a mile in their shoes, understanding what delivering the service means from an operational, operative and customer point of view.

This process enabled our teams to understand the real challenges faced by the business. We mobilised quickly and began creating a cloud based web React management system to handle the data and customer management as well as integrating with the Met Office to all our weather prediction system to generate work based on a huge number of parameters, ensuring that service was delivered on the likelihood of snow and ice on the site.

Next was the operatives they needed to be able to have a reliable mobile solution - native iOS and Android apps - that allowed GPS tracking, clear workflows for completing the jobs and photographs to confirm delivery of service - something that happens during the hours of midnight - 7am. The system sends them pre-and-post service completion reports to allow for automated invoicing.

Finally the customers, traditionally used to just receiving invoices and no proof of service, now they are getting pre-and-post service reports detailing the conditions on each individual site along with proof of delivery. Far exceeding the competitors offering.

Going Above and Beyond

We saw an opportunity to help Ground Control take another step on its digital transformation journey and to save the company time and money through changing the way they thought about the solution.

By working closely with their team to reframe and examine the scale of the opportunity for their business, we were able to fully integrate a finance and customer credit control system. This integrates seamlessly with the existing finance system and gives them the power to lessen the paper trail and maintain robust reporting through raising customer and supplier invoices and managing customer work orders through a single system. This reduced overall end of year debtors by more than 75%

The Results

  • Our work with Ground Control transformed service delivery for the business, it’s operatives and its customers. Shifting from a slow, internal on-premise solution and into a secure cloud environment has helped to reduce end-of-season debtors and ensure credit was managed closely and more accurately by integrating with Ground Control’s internal client data management system via an API.

    This has enabled Ground Control to deliver leading services and provide industry leading customer insight and data, enabling Ground Control to expand its business without increasing personnel overheads.


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