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The Challenge

ClickTravel allows users to book, manage and report on their corporate business travel, in one easy-to-use app. Their proprietary booking service brings together best-in-market rates and information about planes, trains and hotels, while enabling multiple dynamic travel policies and approvals, all paired with powerful reporting to make corporate travel easy, fast and affordable.

As the winner of multiple awards for Best Business Travel Management Company; Best Self Booking tool; and holders of a five star Trustpilot rating, the only thing that was lacking was a native mobile app, which is why they approached xDesign.

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge how hard each one of you have been working on this project and thank you for your commitment and support. I see discussions between engineers happening way past the typical end of workday and I see significant progress being made. We are certainly coming together as a team. I thank you for it.

Sarah HaleDirector of Engineering, ClickTravel

The Solution

ClickTravel wanted to deliver a quality end-to-end experience, from initial booking to travel, and felt the end part of that journey, the corporate traveller, was being under served.

We worked with ClickTravel to understand what an MVP for this product might look like: something that would become an essential tool, but could be facilitated with a minimum of impact on the API.

Through in-depth workshops and the creation of dedicated Personas, we were able to identify that an itinerary-style app would best serve ClickTravel’s key users.

Putting these learnings into practice, we designed and built a bespoke travel app for iOS and Android that lets users see all of their upcoming bookings in one place – and save them to their phone’s Wallet.

With helpful notifications and reminders about upcoming bookings and reservations, users can easily access the next leg of their journey in a single tap.

Supporting travellers is key to the ClickTravel ethos, so we built in the ability to cancel or amend travel arrangements in just a couple of taps, as well as providing fast and easy access to their award-winning 24/7 support team.

Going Above and Beyond

The biggest travel industry trade show of the year fell in the middle of the development cycle. We knew that we couldn’t leave the ClickTravel team without one of its most powerful product offerings and brand assets.

We delivered a functioning demo version of the ClickTravel app in time for the trade show. The app allowed the ClickTravel team to showcase the future of corporate travel and give attendees a glimpse into the power and ease of use of the new app.

That demo formed the centre point of the ClickTravel exhibition, increased engagement and generated strong leads for sales opportunities.

The Results

The app helped to evolve ClickTravel’s business model and was a leading move in its digital transformation. We were able to take a fully web based company and put the power of its offering into the pockets of corporate travellers everywhere.

This transformation, from depending solely on a website to integrating with an app, was well received by ClickTravel’s clientele with a 5 star rating on the App Store and helping to cement ClickTravel as the go-to for all corporate travel.


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