Managing patients digitally to improve care and reduce costs

The Challenge

BMAS is a start-up founded by health care professionals that uses digital technology to help the UK’s National Health Service manage beds in their hospital wards.

With unrivalled expertise in the healthcare sector, but limited experience with technology, the BMAS team needed a partner who could take their initial concept from the research and design, right through to development and deployment on a scalable and secure infrastructure

The Solution

We were brought onboard to create an easy-to-use digital system that could be used intuitively and with minimal training on the wards by busy medical staff.

Through in-depth Storyboarding, Persona development and Prototyping, we were able to create a comprehensive iPad app that was suitable for the hospital environment.

But there was one key challenge – the lack of reliable connectivity. To tackle this we used a distributed data store model to guarantee consistency for read and write operations performed while devices are offline.

Another critical factor was the security of patient data, which included developing staging and producing environments designed around the AWS UK Official architecture for workloads, classified as OFFICIAL by the UK Government Security Classifications Policy.

We implemented the appropriate risk level compliance for Personally Identifiable Information (PII), including the removal of PII from long-term statistics and at-risk encryption of working data sets.

Finally we built out an Admin web portal that allowed for crucial reporting against national targets and analysis of the root cause of any potential failures.

Going Above and Beyond

The BMAS app started as a pen and paper concept and we could quickly see the importance and power of an app that supported healthcare workers.

Our engineers have worked on software development for almost every industry - from FinTech to Oil and Gas - and we knew we could bring a new depth of experience and expertise to BMAS to help inform their decision. We worked closely with the team on guidance, advice and leadership for technical architecture decisions to ensure they were equipped with strong, stable and secure architecture.

We were also able to offer an end-to-end support solution, helping the BMAS team to shape the pre-sales technical response and then training and preparing them for the hand over of the code for ongoing maintenance and support.

The Results

Doctors and bed managers across hospitals in the UK are now able to automate the process of moving patients and beds throughout the hospital. This has simplified the review process and allowed for a faster (but more robust and accurate) discharge process by equipping medical professionals with the information they need at their fingertips.

As well as being easy to use and requiring minimal training, the app streamlines communication, empowers decision making through data and is built with patient information security at its heart.

The BMAS app has the potential to save hospitals more than £7 million per year on overhead costs.


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