Using technology to revolutionising online learning

The Challenge

BBC Bitesize is an educational resource aimed at primary and secondary school pupils across the UK. With learning material delivered on desktop and iOS and Android devices, an incredible 80% of secondary school pupils and 40% of primary school pupils in the UK use Bitesize, making it an essential online learning tool.

After a successful tender exercise, we were invited to form part of a select group of suppliers approved to support the BBC in expediting the delivery of their digital services, and were chosen to support the delivery of innovative new features on the BBC Bitesize mobile app.

Things are in a really good place. Your team did a fantastic job wrapping up the Android work, we are impressed. This has been a very strong effort on your teams’ side and we would welcome working with you again.

Kristine KiddellProject Manager, BBC

The Solution

BBC Bitesize tasked us with creating and delivering a collaborative approach to deliver phase three and four of the Bitesize mobile apps. Historically, these had been developed in a purely outsourced fashion - this was no longer the desired route for the BBC team.

It was vital that there was very close coordination between the xDesign and BBC development teams. We always seek to work in the most collaborative way possible with our clients and this project is an excellent example of this.

Deploying an Augmented Agile Delivery Team was key to this, creating the right mix of technical (iOS Objective-C and Kotlin) and project management expertise.

Going Above and Beyond

We knew that the BBC app was going to be popular and would be reaching hundreds of thousands of users across the UK very quickly. To help support the BBC in the launch and post-launch phases, we supplemented the launch teams with an Augmented Engineering strategy that allowed for instant on-demand support.

The Results

Through phase three and phase four of the Bitesize mobile app development, we helped the BBC reimagine how users would interact with the app and how engagement and opportunities could evolve into the future. We built a strong, flexible, relationship with the BBC team across the development cycle and our engineers were able to train and guide the BBC team through the launch of the app and taking over the ongoing maintenance and development of the app.


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