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Mobile Auditing & Inspection Tools

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Mobile Audit App Development


Bespoke Mobile Solutions That Solve Your Individual Auditing & Inspection Challenges

Empower Your People, Eliminate Paper Based Processes and Drive Data- Driven Decision Making

Carrying out safety inspections, monthly audits, quality inspections or maintenance and facilities reports - the list is endless.

Inefficient paper based processes are time consuming and limits your ability to collect the right data at the right time. Failure to perform efficient inspections and audits can lead to non compliance and potentially fatal consequences.

xDesign design and build bespoke auditing and inspection mobile and web applications that take the pain out of the process and enable operational excellence, enhanced data collection and reduced risk.


Richer Data Collection

Mobile can help you leverage Geolocation settings, e-signature, voice data processing and image capture to ensure richer and more accurate data collection and allows you to share it in real time with your team.

Ensure that auditing and inspection data is collected correctly and on time through automated proof of delivery tools and empower your people on the ground.

Ensure Data Integrity

Management Information & Governance

Eliminate time consuming paper based auditing and inspection processes and strengthen the flow of management information for data driven business decisions.

Reduce Risk & Increase Productivity

Increase productivity and collaboration Through automation of tasks, workflows and checklists on mobile. Ensure compliance and reduce risk.


Customised exactly to your requirements

No unwanted features or functionality

Integrate with existing auditing and

inspection processes

Easily scalable and full development ownership


xDesign are experts in creating bespoke mobile auditing and inspection apps for our clients across multiple industries

We Understand Your Challenges

We will help you to map our your end to end auditing and inspection processes and build a fully bespoke digital solution that solves challenges and inefficiencies across your entire business.

Digital Systems Integration

We develop mobile apps for multiple different audit and inspection types including Health & Safety, compliance, environmental, quality assurance and more. Audit anytime, anywhere on any device!

Build For Any Type Of Audit

Mobile Inspection App Development

We can design and build flawless mobile and digital solutions that can easily integrate with your existing systems and processes in a way that off the shelf solutions cannot.


  • Mobile Data Collection

  • Automated Checklists

  • Quality Assurance and Control

Mobile Solutions for iPad , iPhone, Android and Windows Devices

Analytics and Insights

Task & Workflow Management

Integration with other business systems

Client Stories

Menzies Aviation SMART Mobile & Web Application

Transforming Auditing and Inspection Processes In The Aviation Industry

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