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Since its introduction in early 2010, the iPad has taken the mobile computing world by storm. It is the world's most popular tablet and is used in over 90% of Fortune 500 companies. If you're looking to bring your application to a tablet computer, the iPad is the king

of them all. And with the recent release of the iPad Pro (in 9.7″ and 12.9″ variations), your application has access to some of the world’s most-powerful mobile processors and tonnes of screen real estate. It’s time to make your mark.

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The Benefits of iPad App Development

Built on the close relationship between iOS and cutting-edge hardware, iPad gives your application the space and power your users crave. Available in 3 screen sizes (7.9″, 9.7″ and 12.9″), your iPad app will have plenty of room to stretch its legs.

Because iPad runs iOS, you have the power of a fully-featured mobile operating system, powerful APIs, and technologies including Continuity and iCloud Drive to take your consumer or enterprise app to the next level.

Tablet Hardware

The power of iOS matched with industry-leading hardware.


Your app has plenty of room to breathe on the iPad's big, beautiful screens.

Business Tablets

The world's most-popular tablet, especially when it comes to business.


Powerful technologies, including Swift and Metal, help your application fly.


Deploy through Apple's App Store or your own internal app system.

Tablet, Phone & Watch

Market to iPhone and Apple Watch users too with a universal app.

Your iPad App questions, Answered

Can I just use my iPhone app on iPad?

Yes! When users search for the app on the App Store, however, it will not automatically come up as an iPad app. Apple only expands the view of iPhone apps, making it a less compelling experience than a native iPad or universal app. Developing your app for both platforms shouldn’t just be about reaching a wider marke. It should be about creating a bespoke experience that takes advantage of the screen space and features iPad has to offer.

What is a universal app?

A universal iOS app allows developers to build a single application for iPhone and iPad. By doing this, it’s possible to reuse existing business logic and code while tailoring the design to each platform's unique strengths, allowing you to produce a cost-effective application for both platforms.

Do you develop iPad Pro apps?

With the release of iPad Pro in November 2015, a whole new enterprise market emerged. Business users began looking for ways to ditch the desktop – or even the laptop. A large, powerful, touchscreen device with the accuracy and versatility of Apple Pencil is enabling them to do this. This means we are now seeing demand for bespoke iPad Pro applications that fit enterprise and business use cases.

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