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In 2007, Apple introduced the iPhone: a revolutionary computing device that just so happened to be the shape and size of a phone. In 2010, they revolutionised computing again with the introduction of the iPad. Aside from changing the world forever, both of these devices have something in common – iOS.

iOS is the operating system at the very heart of every iPhone and iPad. Now at version 10, its App Store and APIs have made it possible for hundreds of thousands of companies and developers to build their own apps and businesses. Why not claim your piece of the pie?

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The Benefits of iOS App Development

With over 1 billion devices running iOS, there’s never been a better time to develop your app for the platform. New technologies such as 64-bit processors, Continuity and iCloud Drive make your app more powerful and connected than ever before. And with iOS customers 2.5x more likely to spend money on apps and in-app purchases, your business will love iOS, too!

Whether you’re looking to build a new app in Swift or update your Objective-C app, now’s the time.


iOS customers spend 2.5x as much as people who use competing platforms.

Raspberry Pi

Powerful APIs and technologies deliver an exceptional user experience.

Latest Technology

You can support the latest operating system with the confidence that people will upgrade.

Cloud Connectivity

Built-in technologies such as Continuity and iCloud Drive keep your app up-to-date across multiple devices.


Yearly iOS releases make planning future enhancements to your app easier.

Tablet, Phone & Watch

With one app, you can target iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch users simultaneously.

Your iOS App questions, Answered

Do I need a separate app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch?

No. iOS supports Universal Applications – single applications which are designed and developed to work on all of Apple's mobile platforms. With one application, you can target iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Is developing for iOS cost-effective?

Due to Apple's streamlined product offerings and industry-leading OS adoption rate, developing for iOS can be more efficient for other platforms, as less device and OS testing is required.

Isn't iOS a very limited platform?

Apple has done a lot of work in recent years to open up technologies and APIs to developers, allowing applications to do much more. Although there are some limitations to the types of applications you can build, the possibilities when developing are endless.

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