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Designing and building advanced software systems across the Energy sector, our innovative approach to technology delivers Digital solutions that stretch from the boardroom, to offshore and beneath the waves, helping organisations to learn and adapt faster to new and complex challenges.

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We leverage Bluetooth technology and the Internet of Things to collate data in the field, while building safety and auditing systems for on shore, offshore, and sub sea usage, providing systems that drive commercial decisions on drilling in the boardroom to make our clients more efficient, more profitable and more informed.

image for info section Project Python

Project Python is an oil and gas viability engine, specialising in all aspects of onshore and offshore drilling technology and whose existing processes involved multiple hours of work over a timescale of weeks and months.

We designed and built an App that allowed the same processes to be completed by a single person in a matter of minutes, producing extensive summary and analysis reports on key parameters about the viability and commercial sense for additional drilling at oil wells.

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image for info section Online Electronics

A subsidiary of the IK Group providing a broad portfolio of products and solutions in the pipeline and subsea sectors, xDesign helped Online Electronics in their mission to provide operators and installation companies with tangible ways to achieve significant cost savings.

We designed and built a solution that embraced innovative Bluetooth connectivity technology via mobile apps to integrate with their advanced pipeline and data logging systems.

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Our Engineering Capabilities

Energy Mobile App Development

We build native iOS, Android and cross platform mobile applications for phones and tablets in the Energy Sector, primarily using Swift, Kotlin, Xamarin and Flutter. We pair best-in-class UX with Engineering that has quality and security at its core.

Energy Product Development

We discover what you need, what’s achievable with your technical dependencies and legacy systems, and balance that against user requirements and expectations. We consult, design, and architect digital solutions for the Energy industry as part of an augmented engineering resource, or a separate product team.

Energy Web App Development

xDesign creates Web Applications that pair single page applications with powerful APIs and custom CMS work, primarily using React, Vue, Laravel, .net and node.js. Our software engineering for the Energy Sector empowers end users, boosts internal productivity, and gives insight into data with secure and scalable results.

Energy Innovation

We have vast experience in working with legacy systems, securing data at rest and in transit, SSO and cloud hosting infrastructure, blockchain working with big Data, IoT solutions,and mobile Payments. We can consult on, architect and engineer safe, secure, solutions for the Energy market.

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