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Enterprise software development to get the most from your internal business processes. We deliver award winning enterprise mobile software for organisations just like yours. We take your enterprise mobile app idea and we turn it into something spectacular. Let’s work together to create the mobile software you need and your customers will love. Request your FREE Enterprise software Development Consultation today.

Are you looking for enterprise software development? Partner with one of the leading enterprise software development companies in the UK, xDesign.

We don’t just build enterprise software. We create the kind of products that organisations rave about, and that users can’t stop talking about. We eat, sleep, and breathe mobile. We have developed innovative new enterprise mobile software, massive design and backend overhauls to existing software, and make minor improvements that bring their mobile game to the next level.

Enterprise Software Development Company

Start exploring our enterprise software development services. xDesign is an award-winning enterprise software development and design company who has worked with top clients across dozens of industries in the UK and worldwide. Our vast portfolio is illustrative of our high-quality standards across a number of sectors from finance to logistics.

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Why Should you Invest in Enterprise Mobile Software Development?

xDesign offer enterprise mobile software development for medium- and large-scale companies. We deliver secure and high-performing mobile solutions that help drive your business forward. Here are a couple of reasons why your enterprise organisation should be paying attention to mobile software development.


The future used to be on mobile. But now, the present is on mobile. In 2017, mobile traffic accounted for 63% of total website traffic. Global revenue from mobile apps is projected to hit $188.9 billion by the year 2020, a 200% increase from 2016. There is money in apps, because that’s where people spend on mobile.

Tablet, Phone & Watch

Mobile app usage is up 6% year over year. The largest growth areas are in E-commerce apps (54%), music and media apps (43%), and finance apps (33%). Enterprise app development is the next great opportunity to make mobile a pillar of your business that will drive user satisfaction and profitability. So why wait to make yours, when we can do it right now?

Business Tablets

Over the last 12 months, organisations who have adopted enterprise apps have been able to scale the new technology across the business to other departments, other teams, and find additional uses. In fact companies gain an extra 240 hours of work per year from employees when using enterprise mobile apps.

How can Enterprise Mobile Software Development help your Organisation?

Informed Leaders

Enterprise applications give senior leaders the opportunity to authentically communicate and directly engage with everyone using mobile blog posts and selfie videos updates. Create the environment for open engagement across the organisation through Q&A in comments, likes and shares.

Engaged Workforce

Increase employee engagement with a mix of organisation news and user-generated content combined with great social features such as likes, comments and sharing. engage your workforce with enterprise software development.

Streamline Process

Replace your ageing intranet with a modern, mobile-first enterprise app. Securely mobilise communications, files and useful services such as your Employee Directory that up until now have only been available to employees behind the firewall, safe and secure.

Menzies Aviation operate in more than 200 airports around the world with over 30 000 employees. xDesign was chosen as their partner to deliver substantial digital transformation projects in this case developing an enterprise mobile app. Fundamental to the business is Menzies safety auditing and inspection services that involve the movement of aircrafts, security services, fuelling and passenger check-in.

Our Enterprise Software Development Projects

Helping To Keep Airports Running & Millions Of Passengers Safe

Enterprise Mobile Software Development

Forward Thinking Organisations

At xDesign, our clientele is companies who at the top of their game. We have made apps for legacy brand aviation company Menzies to fin-tech power-players MoneyDashboard and PayPal.

Agile Methodology

xDesign's Product Management team takes client ideas and turns them into award-winning enterprise apps, using research, user testing, and support from our team of brilliant mobile enterprise developers.

Your Enterprise Partner

Although our heart belongs to Edinburgh, Scotland xDesign is a enterprise mobile app development company made up of people around the world, and we want to work with anyone who has an innovative new idea, no matter where they are from.

Enterprise Software Development Company

Looking for the leading enterprise software development company in the UK? xDesign believes all great enterprise mobile apps are built to solve a problem in a way that makes life easier for the user base in question. Our enterprise applications address our client’s user pain points while delivering high return on investment for the client. Our Menzies Aviation app is the perfect example.