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Posted Feb 7, 2019

5 Key Challenges Facing Financial Services In 2019

It’s safe to say that 2019 will continue be transformative year for financial services organisations. A lot has changed over the last 10 years, but […]

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Posted Jan 29, 2019

Fintech Is Disrupting Wealth & Asset Management- Time To Act!

Wealth management is still in early stages of digitisation.The industry isn’t moving anywhere near as fast as the innovations in payments and consumer and retail […]

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Posted Jan 28, 2019

Dundee & Angus Game Jam – My Experience As A Mentor & Judge

Sometimes, things can get hectic in software development. You have deadlines to meet, clients expect quality deliveries and their expectations are high. You hit blockers […]

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Posted Jan 9, 2019

Annual xDesign Hack Week- Our Innovation Time

The xDesign annual hack week is something everyone looks forward to every year. We take the last week of the year off, stop all client […]

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Posted Dec 19, 2018

My Journey So Far: A Day In The Life Of A Project Manager At xDesign

Hi, my name is Mhairi. I don’t own any Apple products, the last game I played was Tetris on my Dad’s Gameboy, and I’ve never […]

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Posted Dec 7, 2018

Flutter Live 2018- Google Announces Flutter 1.0

This week myself and the Android team at xDesign had the opportunity to attend Flutter Live at The Science Museum in London. Google announce the […]

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Posted Nov 28, 2018

The Russians Used A Pencil: Lessons For Digital Transformation

I recently had the opportunity to speak at a large digital transformation conference in London. I spent a good while wondering what to cover- the […]

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Posted Oct 30, 2018

4 Reasons You Should Build Mobile Audit Apps

Even in 2018, over 70% of audits are still carried out using pen and paper and and manual checklists and forms. The amount of organisations […]

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Posted Oct 17, 2018

What Is Xamarin? 6 Reasons To Use Xamarin For Cross- Platform App Development

Many businesses are increasingly looking for ways to reduce the costs associated with cross-platform app development whilst ensuring that the user experience and overall quality […]

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