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Posted Dec 19, 2018

My Journey So Far: A Day In The Life Of A Project Manager At xDesign

Hi, my name is Mhairi. I don’t own any Apple products, the last game I played was Tetris on my Dad’s Gameboy, and I’ve never […]

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Posted Dec 7, 2018

Flutter Live 2018- Google Announces Flutter 1.0

This week myself and the Android team at xDesign had the opportunity to attend Flutter Live at The Science Museum in London. Google announce the […]

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Posted Nov 28, 2018

The Russians Used A Pencil: Lessons For Digital Transformation

I recently had the opportunity to speak at a large digital transformation conference in London. I spent a good while wondering what to cover- the […]

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Posted Oct 30, 2018

4 Reasons You Should Build Mobile Audit Apps

Even in 2018, over 70% of audits are still carried out using pen and paper and and manual checklists and forms. The amount of organisations […]

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Posted Oct 17, 2018

What Is Xamarin? 6 Reasons To Use Xamarin For Cross- Platform App Development

Many businesses are increasingly looking for ways to reduce the costs associated with cross-platform app development whilst ensuring that the user experience and overall quality […]

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Posted Oct 3, 2018

User Story Mapping: How To Build The Right Product

It’s easy to imagine software development as a dark art – a solitary engineer writing lines of beautifully complex code (insert scene from The Matrix), […]

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Posted Sep 13, 2018

Apple Unveils New Products- iPhone XS & Apple Watch- Our Rundown

The Apple product launch event is one of the most highly anticipated technology events of the year. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple along with […]

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Posted Sep 5, 2018

We’ve Moved! Sneak Peek Inside Our New Office

Over the last few weeks we have been making final preparations to move into our brand new office in central Edinburgh and we are pleased […]

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Posted Aug 7, 2018

Mobile & Machine Learning- Predicting Potholes Before They Happen

Let’s face it- nobody likes potholes! Road defects are a huge issue for local authorities throughout the UK for both cost and safety reasons. British […]

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