iPhone 7 - rumour round up

By Euan Andrews

06 Sep 2016

The following is a summary of the rumours released for the upcoming iPhone 7 release.

Christmas comes early each year for every Apple fan. Tomorrow, September 7th,

we are expecting the release of the new iPhone 7. The once secretive Apple has struggled in recent years to keep things under wraps until the big launch, so here is what we are expecting…

iOS 10

First of all, it is expected that yearly release of iOS will be available to the public either immediately or to co-inside with the actual iPhone ship date.

Say goodbye to your expensive headphones

One of the biggest, and most controversial, changes to the iPhone 7 is the removal of the headphone jack. Cue the release of Beats headphones that utilise the Lightning port. Apple is expected to bundle both an adapter so you can continue to use your existing headphones, but also AirPods – wireless headphones.

Apart from the obvious financial benefits to Apple. Removing the headphone jack allows for the space to be utilised by other components.


As with every release of Apple’s beloved iPhone, the camera continues to improve. Dual camera and optical zoom will help you create that perfect selfie with vastly improved images and flash.

Colours, waterproofing, more space and home button

We’re expecting two new colours, an improved water resistant shell, and storage options going up to 256GB for those of us needing to document every moment of our lives.

The home button is expected to become a pressure area allowing for a flush home button rather than the iconic circle that has been present in every iPhone since launch.

This is just some of the rumours that have leaked from the Apple camp, all we know for certain is we’ll find out tomorrow September 7th

6PM UK time. You can watch it from your Safari browser here.

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