Creating more than apps: forging new relationships and building a career over five years at xDesign

By xDesign

27 Aug 2021

By: Katie Rose Hester

Graeme Grier joined xDesign in 2016 as a graduate developer. Since then, he’s worked to build his skills and become a leader within the Android development team. Recently, we asked Graeme to tell us about his role and his development within the company. We also talked with him about what’s changed at xDesign over the last five years, what’s stayed the same, and what he's looking forward to as he continues to grow in his career.

1. How long have you been with xDesign, and what first attracted you to the company?

I started at xDesign in August 2016 after being made redundant from my previous company. It wasn’t the easiest experience, but I knew I wanted my next career move to be to somewhere where I could feel really valued, and keep learning. I was referred to xDesign by a friend, and I started the interview process with the company shortly after that.

After an initial conversation with a few members of the team, I felt like I really understood xDesign and how the company works. The variety of projects and close-knit nature of the teams felt like a great place for someone early into their career to really grow, and contribute.

Looking back, I've always felt grateful that xDesign saw my determination to grow and appreciated my willingness to learn, and made an effort to fit a graduate developer with limited experience into the Android team. It’s strange to think I might not have spent the last five years working here had they not given me that chance!

2. What has been your professional path within the company?

When I started at xDesign, I had about one year of experience behind me! I was considered a graduate developer, so almost all of my professional development has happened since I joined the company. Over the last five years, I've gone from a graduate level developer, to a mid-level engineer (with a few stops in between!)

As I’ve grown and learned, I've been able to lead projects from an Android perspective while also contributing to iOS projects and cross-platform projects.

3. What’s changed most about your role and the company since you started working at xDesign?

When I started working here, I didn’t have tons of experience, and so my day-to-day was often spent learning from others and taking on feedback (which is still a big part of my professional development!) Thanks to that experience, I now have the opportunity to help others learn, and I’m in a position to contribute to conversations that really shape projects and their development. I also have more responsibility now with helping to onboard and mentor new staff, which I really enjoy, and I have the knowledge now to represent the company when talking directly with clients.

In terms of change: over the last five years, xDesign has put more processes in place to ensure that we make the best product possible for our clients. We've embraced the Agile mind-set, and we’re continuously trying to further our professional development and skillset through additional programmes, courses, and deployments.

Graeme Grier - Android Developer at xDesign

4. What's something that hasn't changed?

The teamwork. xDesign has always been an extremely collaborative environment and that hasn't changed, at all. On top of that, everyone at xDesign works really well together and there’s a sense of team spirit that’s been around since as long as I’ve been working here.

5. Talk about your most exciting moment working with the company.

From a professional standpoint, my most exciting moment with xDesign was when we launched the first project that I had helped build from the ground-up. That was a really exciting moment that I won’t forget any time soon.

But the moments that I remember most are actually the spontaneous ones that happen in between time spent working. It’s nice to work in an office where my coworkers are also my friends, and we have a lot of fun. Most recently, the most exciting part of my job has been coming back into the office!

6. Bonus question: what are you looking forward to most at xDesign?

In the short term, I can’t wait to be back in the office with more people. I’ve missed it. Longer term, I’m really excited about the way we’re growing, the talented people we’re bringing onboard, and the interesting work we’re doing. Personally, I’m looking forward to taking on more responsibility. It’s been a great journey so far, so I’m just excited to see what’s next.

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