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With more power and screen real-estate than their smartphone brethren, Android tablets are great for applications that need more room to stretch their legs – or which have more power under the hood.

The generous screen size allows Android tablets to replace traditionally paper-based activities such as forms and documents. This brings valuable efficiency and portability to your core business applications.

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The Benefits of Android Tablet App Development

Android tablets run the same operating system as their smartphone cousins, making developing for Android tablets relatively straightforward. Their more-powerful hardware allows your application to do new and exciting things, and their larger screens make them perfect for replacing pen and paper.

Businesses are already porting their core applications to Android tablets. This portability and direct input allow for more useful and intuitive applications, boosting both performance and revenue.

Tablet Hardware

Extend your Android application to the power of a tablet.

Business Tablets

Modernise your business with affordable, powerful tablets and applications.


Improve productivity with a more intuitive and portable application on a big touchscreen.


Distribute your app through the Google Play Store – or outside it. Your choice!


Keep your application data up-to-date across multiple devices and platforms with Google Sync.


Digitise questionnaires and forms to increase efficiency and response rates in the field.

Your Android Tablet App questions, Answered

Will I need to update my app whenever there is an operating system release?

Each new release of Android brings with it new features and optimisations. While you don't have to update your app to take advantage of these changes, you risk getting left behind and find that your app has become less popular. We offer technology reviews so you can accurately assess whether it's time to update your application or not.

Will my Android phone app scale for Android tablets?

Android supports the adaptive creation and layout of interfaces, allowing for a phone application to scale up or down based on the screen space available to it. While this allows an Android phone app to scale and run on an Android tablet, it's best to design a dedicated interface for tablets if that’s your primary demographic.

Are Android tablets as popular as iPad?

Comparing sales, Android tablets currently outsell iPad at a radio of 4:1 worldwide. Usage statistics tend to favour iPad, however, especially in enterprise and business, and sales figures can vary by country, region and use case. The affordability of Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Amazon Kindles lends them well to use by delivery drivers and in harsh environments. If you'd like to know whether it's better to develop your application for Android or iPad, get in touch. We’ll give you the info

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