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Since the humble beginnings of the T-Mobile G1 in 2008, Android has grown stronger every year. Nowadays, Android accounts for nearly 90% of smartphones shipped every year. With feature-rich devices costing from under £100, Android

 smartphones have become the phones of choice for people from all walks of life because of their affordability and diversity. Because of this, Android smartphones are often used by mobile workers and those who work in harsh conditions.

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The Benefits of Android Phone App Development

From an app development perspective, there are two main benefits of Android phones: accessibility and scale. Due to the open nature of Android, an application has access to all of the underlying technologies you could ever want. In other words, it can do pretty much anything. This removes some of the constraints found on other platforms, leading to very innovative app experiences.

With their low starting cost, Android smartphones have become the go-to smartphones for the budget-conscious in both the consumer and enterprise markets. If you’re looking to get your app to as many people as possible, an Android smartphone app can make it happen.


With over 1 billion Android smartphones in the world, you can scale your app as much as you like.

Virtual Reality

Embrace cutting-edge technologies including Virtual Reality and Google Sync.


Affordability of Android devices makes them great for high-risk deployments.

System Defaults

Replace outdated pen-and-paper forms with Android smartphones in the field.


Distribute through the Google Play Store or outside of it – whichever works best for you.


Extend your application to Android Wear to make it more personal.

Your Android Phone App questions, Answered

What are the most popular devices?

The growth of Android in the western world is driven by Samsung and their Galaxy S line of smartphones, including the S7 Edge and S7 Plus. Outside of America and Europe, growth is driven by handsets from Oppo, Huawei, viv and Xiaomi.

How long does it take to build an Android application?

A typical Android phone application takes between 8 and 14 weeks to develop. This process can take longer for more complex applications or ones that have to target a wide range of devices. If you'd like a better estimate of how long your application would take to develop, get in touch.

What language do you develop Android applications in?

Android applications can be developed using a range of programming languages and frameworks. At xDesign, we design native Android applications using Java and Android Studio. But we are able to work with other frameworks, as well, such as Xamarin.

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